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Vacation Week Request Form: Summit Hillside™

This form is for owners to request their week. If you are not an owner, please visit our Lodging & Rentals section to request a reservation. 

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*Zip/Postal Code:

*Home Phone

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E-mail Address

RCI Number

Association ID#

Please Indicate your preferences.

IMPORTANT! If your association ID includes the letter "I" then you may reserve one side of a Summit Hillside unit each year. If this is your first year then you may indicate a preference - full kitchen unit (walk-in) or partial kitchen (downstairs) unit. Please do so in the comment section below. If this is not your first year then we will automatically give you the opposite side to what you had last year. Please call (540) 289-4908 with any questions.


Unit Number Does Not Matter
I have a specific unit number in mind.

Please list unit preferences (you may simply list preferred location, floor, end unit, etc.)
Units are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Your preferred unit may not be available.


Before You Submit Your Request...
Please read and acknowledge these important considerations:

  • I understand that reservations can be made two years in advance, to the week, and I should call for exact dates when reservations can be made.
  • I understand that if I do not receive written confirmation of my assignment within three weeks I should contact the Reservations department at (540) 289-4908 or by e-mail or postal service.
  • I understand that my maintenance fee must be paid for the year in question before I may request my assignment.
  • I understand that I am responsible for contacting RCI at 800-743-3315 if I wish to spacebank my week(s).

*Please enter your initials to acknowledge that you have read and agree to these considerations.


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