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Aquatics FAQs

When is the next course?

Check our website for a listing of courses or call Le Club Recreation center at (540) 289-4987.

What if you don't have the class I want right now?

If we do not have a class set up, or a specific class does not meet your schedule, your name, phone number and e-mail address will be added to an inquiry list. Once a class is set up, we will call you with the class information, at which time, you may sign up for the class. We can also fax, e-mail or "snail mail" the course syllabus.

Can I get a refund if I fail the pre-course?

The $25 Registration Fee is non-refundable. You may transfer to the next course for no additional charge. Remember, you have access to any of the pools while you are training for the pre-course session. The pre-course is part of the lifeguard training class. It is required to get into the Lifeguard Training R.12 course.

Can I get a refund if I fail the course?

No. Having taken the course, you will not receive a refund if you fail the course.

If I take the class, am I automatically hired?

That depends on a couple of different factors.

  • Where are we in our hiring status? Massanutten hires lifeguards throughout the year.
  • Your professionalism and performance in the class is a factor.
  • Participants taking the class as a "potentail employee" are required to fill out the Lifeguard Training Agreement on the first night of class.

What is the starting rate for lifeguards?

You can find out more about employment at Massanutten Resort here. If you need more information, please e-mail the Aquatics Operation Manager.

I have already taken the course, but have lost my cards. Do I have to retake the course?

You can do one of two things.

  • If you know that your certification has not lapsed, then you may contact the certifying agency and ask for new cards. There is a small processing fee.
  • You may also sign up for a recertification class. However, you must be within a 12 month period of the expiration of the certification. If you fail the recertification, then you must retake the entire course. If you are taking a recertification and your cards have not lapsed, then you may attempt recertification more than once.

How long does it take to get certified?

The course requires 33 hours of lecture, video, skills and group discussions. Additional time might be required for Administering Emergency Oxygen and Preventing Disease Transmission.

If I am already certified in CPR, do I have to take it again?

Yes. Knowledge of CPR is an essential part of being a Lifeguard. To receive a Lifeguard certification, the instructor must certify that they have conducted the CPR session with the participant. The new Lifeguard Training R.12 program includes all base-level certifications on one certification card.

What certifications can I get?

American Red Cross has changed the lifeguard training program so that we may be able to customize the lifeguard training program. We teach the Lifeguard Training R.12 with the addition of the Waterpark Skills Module R.12. At the completion of this course you will receive certifications in Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/FA, Waterpark Skills Module R.12, and Administering Emergency Oxygen. You will be able to lifeguard at waterparks (that accept American Red Cross) as well as the typical, static, flat-water pools.

How long does the certification last?

The Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/FA certification is valid for 2 years. There are additional certifications with the Waterpark Skills Module R.12 as well as Administering Emergency Oxygen; both additional certifications are valid for 2 years.

What do I need to bring with me to the first class and following classes?

The first class you will need a swim suit, towels, warm clothes, proof of age, goggles, writing utensil and course book (if you were given one when you paid for the class or you will get one the first night after the pre-course). You will need a parent or guardian to sign a Release Waiver if you are under 18 years of age. All items other than your proof of age are needed at every class.

Is there any additional training to work at the WaterPark?

Yes. If you have just the Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/FA, you will have to go through the WaterPark Skills Module R.12. This will be arranged with the hiring manager/scheduler upon hiring. If you have the WaterPark Skills Module R.12 and current Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/FA, you will need to go through an orientation and shadow shifts at each facility, which is arranged at the hiring interview.

What if I can't make it to one of the classes?

It is a requirement to make it to all classes. If you are sick on a class day, we expect notification of the illness. We will attempt to make the class up in any way possible, but it is first and foremost the participant's responsibility to make it to all sessions in a timely manner. In order to make up a session, you may have to come in an additional day or more to make up the material missed. The final tests may have to be pushed back to the next session, etc.

If I pass the course, can I pick the place that I want to work?

All lifeguards are considered Massanutten Resort lifeguards. They will work among all 3 facilities: LeClub Recreation Center, Woodstone Meadows Recreation Center, and Massanutten WaterPark.

I am already a certified Lifeguard Instructor (or Water Safety Instructor) and I would like to take the class to be an Instructor-Trainer. Can I do that with you?

You need to contact your local American Red Cross chapter and tell them what you are interested in doing. You will need to sign a petition and they will set you up with an instructor to observe and teach with to become the LGI-T or WSI-T.

What if I fail the pre-course on the LGI or the WSI?

You will be asked to work on skills that were challenging to you during the pre-course session. You may sign up for a later course.

What do I have to do to maintain certification as an instructor?

To be re-authorized as a Water Safety Instructor, instructors must teach or co-teach at least one course of record from the list provided below or Safety Training for Swim Coaches each year.

  • Learn to Swim Level 1 - 6
  • Parent and Child Aquatics
  • Water Safety Outreach, which includes:
    •  Basic Water Rescue
    • Water safety presentations
    • Longfellow's WHALE Tales

To be re-authorized as a Lifeguard Instructor, instructors must teach or co-teach at least one Lifeguard course of record each year.

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