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Dead Solid Golf Simulator

Introducing the Dead Solid® Golf Simulator at Massanutten's Woodstone Meadows Golf Pro Shop

The Dead Solid® Golf Simulator features realistic indoor golf through championship course play, driving range usage, video swing analysis and custom club fitting. Courses available include Pebble Beach Golf Links, Rancho La Quinta, Cog Hill and many more. Whether it is sunny, raining or snowing outside, it’s always a balmy 70° at the new Massanutten Resort Dead Solid® Golf Simulator. The Dead Solid® Golf Simulator can be found in the new Woodstone Meadows Pro Shop, located off Silverstone Lane. Call 540.289.4919 or extension 65041 for rates or more information.

Dead Solid Golf Simulator

Course Play

Take aim at the world's best golf courses in course play mode. When you schedule your tee time for use of the simulator, one person will need an hour for an eighteen-hole round. The time needed for four players to play eighteen holes is typically four hours. Practice time may also be scheduled on the simulator for 15 or 30 minutes. See rates below.

Dead Solid Golf Simulator
Dead Solid Golf Simulator

2000 U.S. Open version of Pebble Beach

Rancho La Quinta


Club Fitting

The technology used in the driving range mode of the Dead Solid® Golf Simulator is used to determine the clubs you will need to play your best golf. You will be one-on-one with a PGA Professional staff member during your half-hour session on the simulator. They will help you analyze your shots and make club suggestions so you can hit your best golf shots.

Dead Solid Golf Simulator

FliteTrac & BallTrac Animations

Dead Solid Golf Simulator

BallFlight Trajectory Sensors


Simulator Play Usage
One Hour $30.00
Half Hour
15 Minutes $7.50


Simulator Instruction Rates
Private Lessons
$50.00 (One Hour)
Club Fitting
$50.00 (Half Hour)
Video Teaching
$75.00 (One Hour)


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