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Massanutten Signature Massage
$95 per treatment - Approximately 1 hour.
The most requested spa services of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage have been combined into a deeply relaxing massage which features aromatherapy, heated towels, and special neck and eye pillows. Specially prepared olive oil and olive oil balm combine to enhance the experience.

Arnica Muscle Relief Massage
$95 per treatment (introductory price) - Approximately 1 hour.
Melt away the stress of the day and relax while muscle release massage and steaming hot towels wash away your aches and pains, leaving you deeply relaxed and energized. The treatment begins with a herbal liniment rub rich in extracts of eucalyptus, peppermint, clove and camphor, followed by a massage with Arnica Relief Cream.

Best of Both Worlds

$95 per treatment - Approximately 1 hour.
A massage and facial toning service: Enjoy a soothing, relaxation massage using Swedish techniques. The treatment then transforms into our popular facial toning massage.

Couple's Retreat Massage
$170 - 190 per treatment
Share your massage experience with the one you love in our spacious couples room. Lie down side by side under a star-lit ceiling to receive your favorite massage or body treatment.

Couple's Retreat Add-On Service
$15 per couple - Approximately 15 minutes.
Enjoy a shower, featuring four rain-shower heads and six body jets following your massages.

Deep Tissue Massage
$95 per treatment - Approximately 1 hour.
The massage is designed to help provide relief to those with especially tight and sore muscles. By applying deep pressure, our staff can help work out knots and relieve specific areas of tension in muscle tissue.

Face Lift Massage Treatment
$95 per treatment - Approximately 1 hour.
The treatment begins with a cleansing of the skin followed by warm towels. Luxurious oils are used to massage the face and a raw honey mask tones and firms the skin, leaving it nourished and soft. Using various massage strokes, blood and oxygen are stimulated to nourish, rejuvenate and tone muscle tissue. A refreshing alcohol-free cucumber toner will soothe your skin in preparation for the application of a regenerative face cream containing fruit extracts (AHAs) that combat the natural aging process. Massage of the neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest is integrated into the massage. A foot and hand massage completes the treatment.

Golfer's Sports Massage
$90 per treatment - Approximately 1 hour.
The massage focuses on muscles that relate specifically to the golfer's swing with emphasis on the shoulders, lower back, hips, legs, elbows and forearm extensors. It incorporates stretching and kneading techniques along with Swedish and deep tissue massage. Feel tension and soreness dissipate, as flexibility and fluidity are restored to the body. Add an additional 15 minutes of reflexology and foot massage for $15.

Skier's Sports Massage
$90 per treatment - Approximately 1 hour.
The massage begins with a hot towel application to the back and incorporates stretching and kneading techniques with a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage to relax muscles and alleviate soreness and fatigue. The focus is on the upper and lower back, legs, neck, and shoulders with emphasis on the lower body. It's a perfect ending to your day on the slopes. Add an additional 15 minutes of reflexology and foot massage for $15.

Hot Stone Therapyhot stones
$95 per treatment - Approximately 1 hour.
Enjoy a treatment that unites Body, Mind and Spirit. Using hot stones in conjunction with Swedish massage techniques calls forth the body's own healing energies and capabilities to promote a deep level of relaxation and well-being. Hot Stone Therapy is an experience without compare!

Revitalizing Reflexology
$85 per treatment (Introductory price) - Approximately 1 hour.
Begin with a relaxing neck, shoulder, and upper back and chest massage, followed by reflexology and massage to the legs and feet. The treatment features the exclusive use of Kneipp products, a line of unique plant combinations that uses Arnica to reduce pain and swelling, Calendula to soothe and moisturize, and Rosemary to stimulate and revitalize. See Reflexology and Foot Massage (above) for more information on reflexology.

Royal Four Hands Massage
$150 treatment - Approximately 50 minutes.
Pamper yourself with an incredible full body experience. A treatment provided by a team of our spa staff, using Swedish massage techniques to help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation.

Swedish Massage
$90 per treatment - Approximately 1 hour.
A full-body relaxation and restorative massage that focuses on deep relaxation and relief from stress.

Add-On Services
15 additional minutes of the following services may be added on to most spa services for $15.

  • Hand and Foot Massage
  • Paraffin Treatment for Hands
  • Paraffin Treatment for Feet
  • Paraffin treatments for both hands and feet can be added for $25

Extend the following services by 15 minutes for $15:

  • Massanutten Signature Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Golfer's Massage
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • Royal Four Hands Massage


All prices are subject to change without notice.

For more info, you may call us at (540) 289-4040, resort extension 6-5200, or e-mail us.

Spa Hours of Operation

June 13 - Sept 4 | 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

To receive the appointment time most convenient for you, we recommend booking at least 1-2 weeks in advance. To reserve your appointment, please call 540.289.4040.

An 8-hour notice is required to cancel your spa appointment. A fee of $50 will be charged for each service cancelled within the 8-hour timeframe to cover the time reserved for you, no exceptions. This policy also applies to guests who do not show for their scheduled appointments.

Spa Services may be paid for using resort gift cards. Gift cards may be purchased over the phone by calling the Concierge Desk at (540) 289-4978.


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