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Nature Center

Please note that not all of our classes and activities occur every week throughout the year. Take a look inside our Entertainment Guide to see our current schedule of events and activities complete with pricing and age restrictions. For more information please contact us. 2015 Photo Contest

Arboretum Wildflower Walk
Tuesdays  |  Celebrate as the spring woldflowers change from the gray of winter into a vibrant display of color.

Chairlift Hike
Wednesdays  |  Ride the chairlift to the top and then walk to the Peak. Enjoy the breathtaking views and learn about the uniqueness of the Massanutten formation and the geology of the surrounding area.

Nature Center at the Ski Lodge
Tuesday & Wednesday  |  Meet the nature program coordinator, attend a workshop, or take a guided hike. Check out our puppet gallery, decorate our mountain mural, or watch National Geographic videos.

Nature Themed T-Shirts
Wednesdays  |  Choose from a t-shirt adorned with native wildflowers or, new this year, one that features wildlife observed at Massanutten, including white-tailed deer, groundhogs, black bear and grey fox.

Magnetic Message Board with Decorative Magnets
Decorate and paint your own magnetic board and magnets.

Orienteering & Land Navigation Workshop
Learn the basics of using a compass and a topographical map. Apply these skills finding check points on the resort.

Parent & Child Nature Scavenger Hunt
Tuesday - Wednesday  |  Test your observation stills as you find clues to solve the puzzle at the end.

Raptors: Up Close & Personal
Each participant will get to hold a raptor on their arm providing a great photo-op during this educational experience. Be sure to bring a camera!

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